October 09, 2010

Congratulations to Azerbaijan!
I want to thank everybody who helped us getting all the songs during this season!
Your help was very much appreciated!
Hope to see you all back in the 2012 seasoon
The link for the 2012 blog is:
Meanwhile I will keep on updating this blog with new items of ESC 2011.
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New added
French remixes of the Hungarian entry
Kati Wolf feat. Marc Mysterio - Dix pas cent pas (Remixes) (2012) (CDM)
Tracks included:
01. Dix pas cent pas (Original Radio mix)
02. Dix pas cent pas (Original Club mix)
03. Dix pas cent pas (The Whiteliner, Eric Tyrell & Marc Mysterio mix Radio Edit)
04. Dix pas cent pas (The Whiteliner, Eric Tyrell & Marc Mysterio Club mix)
05. Dix pas cent pas (Jesse Voorn Club mix)
06. Dix pas cent pas (Jesse Voorn Dub mix)

Older updates
New Acoustic version of the Danish entry
A Friend In London - New tomorrow (A song for Africa) (Acoustic version)
Remix of the Hungarian entry
Kati Wolf - Szerelem, miért múlsz (DJ Dominique remix)
One more Spanish finalist available
Auryn - Volver
Remix of the Italian entry
Raphael Gualazzi - Madness of love (Gilles Peterson RMX)
Remix of Melodifestivalen semi finalist
Jenny Silver - Something in your eyes (CJ Video Edit)
English version of Albanian finalist
Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani - Somebody hurts (English version)
Live Galician version of the Spanish entry
Lucía Pérez - Que me quiten o bailao (Live Galician version)
Instrumental version of the Bulgarian entry
Poli Genova - Na inat (Instrumental version)
Karaoke version of the Slovene entry
Original version
Maja Keuc - Vanilija (Karaoke version)
Some remixes of a Slovene finalist
April- Ladadidej (Dr. DennieJay Remix Demo)
April - Ladadidej (Dr. DennieJay Remix Hands Up Master)
April - Ladadidej (Dr. Pain & Anthony remix)
April feat. Chorchyp - Ladadidej
Four cover versions of the Irish entry
LaDudes - Lipstick (BBop & Roksteadi edit) (cover)
La Dudes - Lipstick (BBop & Roksteadi mix) (cover)
La Dudes - Lipstick (Redtzer edit) (cover)
La Dudes - Lipstick (Redtzer mix) (cover)
Remix of Maltese finalist
Fabrizio Fanniello - No surrender (Soundforce Radio mix)
Two more remixes of the Azeri winning song
Ell & Nikki - Running scared (Azzido da Bass POP Radio mix)
Ell & Nikki - Running scared (Niclas Kings in the Air remix)
Two versions of the Icelandic entry
Sigurjón's Friends - Coming home (Instrumental version)
Sigurjón's Friends - Coming home (Remix version)
Three mising Portuguese songs
CarlaPires - Voar alto / Henrique Feist - Quase a voar
Nádia Correia - Sonhos do verbo amar
Remix of the Israeli entry
Dana International - Ding dong (YoAv Arnon Voc remix)
Album version of the Estonian entry
GetterJaani - Rockefeller Street (Album version)
Three remixes of Danish finalist
Jenny Berggren - Let your heart be mine (Calboy's Radio mix)
Jenny Berggren - Let your heart be mine (Calboy's Long edit)
Jenny Berggren - Let your heart be mine (Calboy's Club mix)
Two remixes of Melodifestivalen semi finalist
Le Kid - Oh my God (SoundFactory remix)
Le Kid - Oh my God (Le Family mix)
Four more Portuguese songs available
7 Saias - Embalo do coração
Ricardo Sousa - O mar o vento e as estrelas
Tânia Tavares - Se esse dia chegar
And one of the disqualified songs:
Miguel Gizzas - Amor cruzado
SoundFactory Remixes of the Swedish entry
Eric Saade - Popular (SoundFactory Radio mix)
Eric Saade - Popular (SoundFactory Club mix)
Eric Saade - Popular (SoundFactory Dub mix)
Promo album of Skopje 2011
= 2 CD with all Macedonian 2011 songs & all winners 1994-2010 =
Various Artists - Skopje 2011 (2CD)
Videoclip of the Macedonian entry
(this one wasn't posted before, only in the promo videos archive)
Vlatko Ilievski - Rusinka
Live versions of the Final of ESC 2011
ESC 2011 Final Live versions
Live videos of the The Final of ESC 2011
01. Finland (Live Final) / 02. Bosnia & Herzegovina (Live Final)
03. Denmark (Live Final) / 04. Lithuania (Live Final) / 05. Hungary (Live Final)
06. Ireland (Live Final) / 07. Sweden (Live Final) / 08. Estonia (Live Final)
09. Greece (Live Final) / 10. Russia (Live Final) / 11. France (Live Final)
12. Italy (Live Final) / 13. Switzerland (Live Final)
14. United Kingdom (Live Final) / 15. Moldova (Live Final)
16. Germany (Live Final) / 17. Romania (Live Final) / 18. Austria (Live Final)
19. Azerbaijan (Live Final) / 20. Slovenia (Live Final) / 21. Iceland (Live Final)
22. Spain (Live Final) / 23. Ukraine (Live Final)
24. Serbia (Live Final) / 25. Georgia (Live Final)
Live versions of all the songs of semi 1 & 2
ESC 2011 Semi 1 & 2 Live versions
Live videos of the second semi final
= rips of the Russian TV =
01. Bosnia & Herzegovina (Live) / 02. Austria (Live)
03. The Netherlands (Live) / 04. Belgium (Live) / 05. Slovakia (Live)
06. Ukraine (Live) / 07. Moldova (Live) / 08. Sweden (Live)
09. Cyprus (Live) / 10. Bulgaria (Live) / 11. F.Y.R. Macedonia (Live)
12. Israel (Live) / 13. Slovenia (Live) / 14. Romania (Live)
15. Estonia (Live) / 16. Belarus (Live) / 17. Latvia (Live)
18. Denmark (Live) / 19. Ireland (Live)
Live videos of the first semi final
= rips of the Russian TV =
01. Poland (Live) / 02. Norway (Live) / 03. Albania (Live)
04. Armenia (Live) / 05. Turkey (Live) / 06. Serbia (Live)
07. Russia (Live) / 08. Switzerland (Live) / 09. Georgia (Live)
10. Finland (Live) / 11. Malta (Live) / 12. San Marino (Live)
13. Croatia (Live) / 14. Iceland (Live) / 15. Hungary (Live)
16. Portugal (Live) / 17. Lithuania (Live)
18. Azerbaijan (Live) / 19. Greece (Live)
Cover versions of the Bosnian & the Polish entry
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Beauty Queens - Love in rewind (Live cover)
Poland: Arista - Jy is (Afrikaans cover of Jestem)
SoundFactory mixes of Swedish finalist
Sanna Nielsen - I'm in love (SoundFactory Radio mix)
Sanna Nielsen - I'm in love (SoundFactory Paradise Anthem)
Sanna Nielsen - I'm in love (SoundFactory Dub mix)
Fan-made Megamix of the ESC 2011 songs
Eurovision 2011 Artists - Eurovision 2011 Megamix by Popenhouse
Official Eurovision 2011 album
Eurovision Song Contest 2011
Official Karaoke album of Eurovision 2011
Various Artists - Eurovision Song Contest 2011 (Karaoke versions)